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Fibo 2015

imageGlad to meet all of you on the Fibo 2015 and represent my Sponsor Reflex Nutrition ✌


When u knock to one door, nobody open , dont give up. knock to another and another and another…. till the right one open and see your potentiel. Never give up , self motivation its the only power to go far away!
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One of my fav breakfast to start the journée  before my workout !

50g of oats

15g of whey

2 whole eggs



Put all in a mixer  and get the mixture into a watm pan . Add some slise of fruit .

During cooking take 10g of dark chocolat (2 peaces ) and 10g of peanut butter . Make them melt together in microwave  ( yes i know ) and when the pancake is ready just toping with the choc-peanut sauce