Supplément is a big thémas in the fitness industry.

They are knowing from the people who workout and unknowing from from non sport people who look at you like you take unhealthy chimical product to “pump your muscle”.

let’s look closer about all this.

Officially the definition of suppléments are Dietary suppléments who include the following ingrédients :



-Herb or botanic ( exclud tabac) ,

-Amino acid ,

-Substance for use by man to supplement the diet by increasing the total daily intake.(enzyme,tissues from organs, glands.)

-A concentrate, such as a meal replacement or energy bar

-Metabolite, constituent or extract.

Supplément are taking against carency depending of your type of diet and how you eat. Most of the people don’t know that they are in carency of some mineral and vitamine.

Sport people use supplément to for the ergogenic help of the aliments. Ergogenic means influences of nutriments that enhance athletic performance.

Supplementation type :

Fondation Supplements :Reason to supplement is to prevent any nutritional deficiencies and “food type” supplement can help.Because no one can eat a perfect food diet day in and out for years.Special with our busy lives and the degradation of our food. Protein and carb fit into this category.

Essential Suppléments :As a nutriment safety net and lower the chance of specific nutriment deficiencies. Like vitamins and minerals fit into this category. Exercising individuals need higher levels of these basic nutriment and not feasible to get ther all through food alone. Essential fat acid , antioxidant, amino acid…..

Performance supplement : Advanced and specific supplements designed to maximize physical and mental performance. Fat loss ,muscle building , increase energy and endurance, boosting hormone, joint health and repair…….

Supplément ation help to maximised results from fitness program. These level also help the fitness enthusiasts at different points in their routine. For exemple beginner  may only want fondation supplements to start , while someone more advanced may want to take supplements from all three levels.

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