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imageIn prep you dont fight against other personne its just you against you .

You have to switch off the pain your body tell you and let drive just you motivation and determination .


Carb day

High carb day make me keep the smiley :) Good for the mood but the most tiered day for me in my carb cycling diet ! ITs not when u have no carb the most hard . Its when you are at the high carb day . Because your body need to rebuild glycogene it…
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Step by step

Just finish my evening session. hard work pay off ! Never give up , stay focus on your goal.
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High protein quality

If you dont know what the difference between some protein , read the following article . Generaly brand use protein extract from cheese ! Reflex nutrition take the protein from the MILK : Native Whey!    low temp micro and hyper filtration . This make the difference of the quality !! #ReflexNutrition…
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